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About Destefano

Since 1950 DeStefano has brought to you the accommodation of a family run business that understands and takes pride in handling the needs of independent food handlers. You have our promise to be serviced at the highest quality brand recognized products week in and week out.

DeStefano Foods is a 30,000 sq/ft facility in New Brunswick that is serving the Food Indusrty in NY,NY, and PA with over 3,000 quality products.

Our History

Two generations ago during the great depression Chris DeStefano's Grandmother started selling ricotta cheese with the concept in mind that people always have to eat. This concept lead Chester and Cecilia to expand on the same idea and DeStefano Foods was born.

Chester and Cecilia started sell selling fresh products door to door in Lebanon NJ in 1950. Chester then started to sell high quality fresh cheese and dairy to the pizza industry. DeStefano has now grown into a 30,00 sq/ft facility in New Brunswick NJ with over 3,000 products. DeStefano is now serving the food industry in NY, NJ, and PA with the same high quality products as always.

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New Brunswick NJ

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